Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writer friends ROCK!!

I'm so incredibly blessed to be part of a writing group full of AMAZINGLY talented indie female authors that have or will debut in 2013. This blog post will highlight the ones that have published already. 
 I will update you as we publish.


Beverly Hollowed
My beautiful Irish friend <3 who is always available when I need to "vent".
Currently working on her new series, starting with "No Second Chances" anticipated to release this April.  I've read some of it & you are NOT going to want to miss it!


Kelsie Leverich
If you are a serious reader than chances are, you've read this book.  I am biased but Kelsie knows how much I love this book because I fan-girl over her often. ;)

Tania Penn
We've know each other for YEARS (but I won't share how many LOL).  If you enjoy paranormal books, you've got to check hers out.  Completely different take on angels (good & evil).  Tania has an amazing gift with words & I'm trying to learn from her Jedi ways.  Currently working on "other" projects which may or may not include a little something we are doing together ;)

Lisa M. Hadley
"Destined to Change" just came out and it is all the buzz.  Fantastic characters, story & look at that gorgeous cover.  Side note - Lisa is very funny & cracks me up all of the time.

J.L. Mac
Recently on a top 100 purchased books list on Amazon, we are very proud of our HILARIOUS friend!  Wreck Me is her most recent book and will be available on Amazon as of 2/20/13

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