Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fangirl Blog Post

This past Saturday, my niece and I joined over 300 reader fans at Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, Ca.
Some of our favorite authors (mostly Indie) were on hand to sign books, take pictures, give hugs and talk to us.  I appreciate these women so much for giving up their time to make some fangirls extremely happy.

New York Times best selling author, Abbi Glines was there with her Vincent Boys books as well as the highly popular (and adored) Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far novels.  Like so many others, I'm anxiously waiting for the third installment in that series, Twisted Perfection

I can't tell you how much I adored these ladies.  Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt 
have written several fantastic books as solo authors but when they get together something magical happens.  A few of my absolute favorites reads are from these gals, Lengths, Depths and the book Steph so graciously brought for me (original cover ;), My Heart for Yours.

Oh how I love Molly McAdams.  I promised her a tackle hug but just went in for a big bear hug instead.  Molly is the author of From Ashes, Taking Chances, soon to be released (up for pre-sale though ;) Stealing Harper and publishing this fall (also up on pre-sale), Forgiving Lies 

Another of Molly and Me 

I had the pleasure of meeting an online friend, face to face (I fun!!!).  Audrey Harte is publishing her debut novel Love in all The Wrong Places in just a few short days and I can't wait to download it onto my Kindle.  I can only imagine how fantastic it will be.

Oh Cora Carmack, how I LOVED your novel Losing it and am so excited about (pre-ordered ;) Faking it.  Such a sweet lady too <3

Jillian Dodd is another of my favorite authors.  That Boy and That Wedding are at the top of my recommended reads.  Waiting for That Baby.  Jillian is also the author of  The Keatyn Chonicles.  I have these books downloaded but haven't had a chance to read them now that I'm writing myself (story of every authors life).

Many of you know this lady.  SC Stephens is the creator of most reader's favorite book boyfriend Kellen Kyle from The Thoughtless Series.  One word, "Mornin'" ;)

Talk about a hilarious, Aca-mazing lady.  J. Sterling had us cracking up from the moment we got to her table.  She is the author of Chance Encounters, In Dreams,  The Perfect Game and the highly anticipated The Game Changer.  Got got my copy of The Perfect Game signed and I can't wait to dive in soon.   

I'm certain you know Nicole Williams from her Crash Series but she is also the author of several other books.  Check out her Goodreads page

If you haven't read any of Colleen Hoover's books, you are seriously missing out.  Slammed and Point of Retreat are also among my favorite books.  Colleen also written the extremely popular best-selling Hopeless (I have it downloaded but not read yet) and the soon to be released This Girl and Losing Hope (both are up for pre-order)

I was disappointed when I found out that Jessica Park was not going to be at the event after all   Colleen was so funny, she told me to bring Jessica's book Flat Out Love and she would lick it for me.  So she did ;)

I have not read any of Rebecca Donavan's books yet (I only have so many hours in a day) and have been reminded several times by many friends that I'm a fool because of it.  I ordered my signed copy of Reason to Breathe from Rebecca at this event and can't wait to get it in the mail.

Jessica Sorensen has written so many books but my favorite (which I had her sign) is The Secret of Ella and Micha.  The next book I'm planning on reading of hers is The Forever of Ella and Micha coming out this fall (up for pre-order) 

So there you have it.  Our Aca-Awesome day meeting amazingly talented authors whom we love and adore.  I can't wait for our next author event Utop Ya in Nashville (end of June) then Naughty Mafia in Vegas (mid-August).

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